Dragonlance-Movie is out.

I'm not sure if this has been posted on the Geek Forum yet but the Dragonlance movie is out. It looks like a bad 80's Saturday morning cartoon. It is horrible. I have read the series probably at least 3-4 times. Embarrasing.

Anyone else see it?

 lol, whatever.  Next you'll tell me there was a Highlander sequel.

 Yes it's been posted.

Yes I watched it.

Yes it's not very good, but neither is the hobbit and I love that fucking cartoon, so I keep an open mind.

Not to mention Heavy metal by todays standards is somewhat of a joke.... but I will take it over the fucking toy story.


I saw Turok recently and liked it a lot

"This adaptation is the worst POS ever. I could do a better job with a camcorder, my self as the voices and a 8-crayon box of Craolas."-The problem with this statement is that it is the truth. This movie couldn't have been any worst if it tried. Someone said they only had a budget of $1.5million. Then they shouldn't have even tried because this movie made my eyes bleed.

I was really stoked to see it. I had re-read the books a couple years ago, and they still were pretty after all these years..

I watched the trailer online, and I wanted to smash my monitor in anger... I'll probably never bother watching it.