Dragon's Lair Grappling Results?

Can anyone summarize, or link to, results from yesterday's Dragon's Lair Grappling challenge in Mass? -Who won absolute, did Fickett grapple, anything else noteworthy happen?

Fickett won the advanced. He won in double overtime against Simler. Had a NICE throw with about 10 seconds to go to get the points and the win. He knows how to compete, that's for sure. I heard mixed results from the absolute, so I won't post until the facts are straight.

Fickett beat Santos by RNC. He also won a stacked under 200 division with guys like Dan Simmler, Mark Raposa and Craig Buckley. Damon Smith beat Fickett by guillotine in OT in the semi-finals of the absolute, but ended up losing by points in the finals.

Driscol with the full report. How'd you do? I couldn't hang around that long Greg.

the guy who beat smith in the finals was named Soneca or something like that...not sure if that's a first or last name, but he was a short stalky brazilian guy.

ttt, did soneca take damon down?

i had to leave before the absolute.

i think soneca is his first name.he is a brown belt
from what i understand.

Drew won quite a few matches before going into the absolute. He had a good day yesterday.


I didn't see it, but from what I understand Damon went for some type of throw and Soneca countered it and took his back. I'm sure there was more action that just that in the match, but that was the deciding factor.