Drake Dudley - 10 year old phenom

I saw this kid compete this weekend at the Texas Submission Challenge. I have never seen a kid at this age with the skills this kid has. He dominated his age bracket winning one of his matches by submission and the second on points 55 - 0. After he was finished I went up to take some pictures of him for IL and to get some other info on him. I met his father in the process. He gave me a highlight video and some other info on his son. Here is some more background on Drake....

Drake "Ultimate" Dudley trains in Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling and Vale Tudo. Nicknamed "Ultimate" in Brazil by the coaches of one of Drake's Brazilian opponents. (They had observed his level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and when told he was also an amateur boxer that won the Dallas Golden Gloves Championships for his age, they coined him "Ultimate".) He also shines in the classroom maintaining an A - B average and is on the honor roll. He also enjoys golf and hockey. Drake recieved his junior Black Belt at the age of 9.

His record in Grappling tournaments is 81 - 4 including his competitions in Brazil.....he has never been tapped out.

He also holds a amateur wrestling record of 35 - 7.

In 2003 Drake accomplished something very special....he won 1st Place in 3 National Tournaments in 3 separate sports - Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling.

Age 10, 3-9-94
Height 4'7
Weight 68lbs

Remember this kids name...I have a feeling he's gonna make a huge impact in the world of MMA in the years to come......and also watch out for a feature I plan on doing on Drake in one of the upcoming issues of Iron Life magazine...which will include a highlight video.

Can someone put these pictures up for me? Thanks..





Ghost, if you read this can you put up the pictures? Thanks, man.

Damn! That's fucking fantastic! This sport need a new protege!

Any pics of him rolling?

55-0. There's some pro fighters who couldn't do that against a grappling dummy.

I only got one picture of him rolling and it was at the very end of his last match. It's not even worth posting. I saw him competing from the opposite end of the venue......his father gave me a highlight video...I'm going to do a huge feature on him in an upcoming issue of Iron Life's magazine.....with the video available for download there.

his best move in my opinion is "The People's Elbow". When I used to train at the Fighter's House he dropped one or two on me...

4'7, 68pds? Ya, I'd fight him.

DSE, make it happen!


Where's NativeAmericanAssasin when you (don't) need him?

That´s awesome, imagine the level that MMA will be at when all the top level competitors have been training since they were kids.


lol @ manny reyes challenging him


Go fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

i bet he could take the predator.

That last picture is awesome with the kid on the left trying to do a fighters pose and the kid on the right hold up the #1 sign. Little bad asses. Hope my kids like BJJ/MMA =\