Anyone else interested in the game? It came out yesterday and I picked it up... I've only played the first twenty minutes or so (I'll have more time tonight), but it seems very cool so far.

It's like a combination of Panzer Dragon Orta, Dynasty Warriors, with some RPG elements mixed in.

It's an ok game. I would recommend it if you are into Dynasty Warriors.. It's not great, but it's alright.


- Lots of different unique weapons, each with different magic powers.

- Very short loading time

- Cool storyline

- Switching between the dragon and ground combat is pretty sweet.


- Repetitive

- Dragon Control a little weird

- Levels are (too) big.

It's all pretty bland so far... I would say that the game is ok, nothing spectacular. If you really like the idea of Dynasty Warriors with a dragon to fly around on then pick it up, otherwise I'd pass...