Draw the lines in advance?

Thanks everyone for making this an excellent forum and huge thanks to Mr Blauer for making it posible. It's a gift and an inspiration for all of us..

Not long ago on my way home from training I went in a 7/11. In there where this man acting crazy provoking everyone, you know the type who's looking for the smallest excuse to start a fight, and surely I was next to be provoked.. On my way in I noticed a policecar so I ignored the guy, got my stuff and went quickly out and asked them to keep an eye on the guy.

This on it's own is not a problem but what i noticed was that I didn't feel the sligthest bit ready for a fight. In the Dojo and on the mat this is not a problem for me but I don't like violence or being violent - seen what this can do..

Any thoughts on this? And allso, would it be a good idear to deside in advance what and how much you will put up with so you will have one less thing to worry about when it counts?


You need to study and employ the Three D's: Detect Defuse
& Defend...thats a time-line map (if your tool box is refined)
so that your opponent triggers action NOT your lack of

Do you own the CERBRAL SELF-DEFNESE tape or PDR
manual? Small investments that go a long way in situations
like you described. In our PERSONAL DEFENSE
READINESS manual there's a section on DIRECTIVE, this is
very important for personal defense. You need one to jump
start you into action.

And lastly, the reason so many martial artists dont feel
comfortable in obscure street situations is because they
(almost) never practice simulations in the dojo or school.
How can you be comforatable with something youve never