Drawing for Bobby Razak's 'History of MMA'

Bobby Razak (myrites) has a new film called 'The History of MMA' coming out and this drawing will be part of a limited edition insert. We aren't sure about the specifics yet, but here is the drawing regardless.

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Nice, can't wait for that documentary. Phone Post

You`ve got Fred Ettish in there?

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Their third string TE and DK I can't run routes Metcalf both had 10 catches... there's no excuses. 


Seattle's third string TE had 10 catches last night, as did DK Metcalf. And our WR's can't catch a flu. That's inexcusable 

Honestly not shit talking but I expected way more from Metcalf... He looked slow as fuck, clunky... Lethargic really...

Considering all of his hype, I was expecting more... I don't know....

Idk if I would call him hyped considering he was the last pick of the second round.

I don't know...

I just remember people talking about how fast and physical he was... Then the whole body thing.... Only knock I heard about him was his route running... 


When they measured him and then he ran his 40, he was a first rounder. But when they did the agility drills, the truth came out. Seattle is using him perfectly, playing towards his strengths rather than trying to make him the next Julio Jones. I'd take him over Bourne and Pettis...

 Awesome job Evan!!


but want a wrestler in there... :)

 really well done.. but I can't get it out of my head that the guy throwing the kick (frank shamrock?) is wearing a corset with nice breastisis

 really cool...as I told you on FB, I'm pumped to see Ettish in there.

 That is ridiculously great!