Drawing of the Dark

I just picked up this book the other day by Tim Powers called The Drawing of the Dark. I had never heard of it before - but the back cover sounded promising - a fantasy set in the mid-1500s, encompassing the Fisher King, Beer, Turkish Invasions of Europe and lots of other fantastic stuff....

im only about 5 chapters in, but its been tremendous so far. the main character is great, the story is funny ... anyone else read this??

ttt great book - i just started Powers' Then Anubis Gates. please someone else read it so i can talk to someone about them lol

Powers is a first class talent, Drawing is a all time classic as is Annubis Gates. If you like Gates, Blaylocks, Lord Kelvin's Machine might be worth a read. On Stranger Tide's is a classic (I wonder if he sued Disney for ripping him off) as is, The Stress of Her Regard, very original writer.

im really surprised that i had never heard of him before ... but im glad that i found their works