drawing the line at worm guard?

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Kron was an early adopter of using the lapel. He uses it to sweep Buchecha in the opening scramble of their match back in 2012. 



I got hurt just watching that, bad ass.  And Buchecha fought most of that with one hand after snapping his fingers back in.

Red Stuff - My most egregious use of the gi is trapping the arm with the lapel when in north-south kimura position. And that's only when I need a break.

This is the line for me for lapel usage. Not a fan of trapping arms, or getting exotic chokes with the lapel. Worm guard is of course way over the line for me. 

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shen -

Honestly, if you don't do Worm Guard, you don't do jiu jitsu. It's that important.

It's so important that I created a line of Jitz-inspired urban clothing called "L@pelz". Basically, the latest urban fashions, with long lapels sewn into them. 

If shit goes sideways,  you better believe I'm using some Worm Guard.

Like I say: I dont "play" Worm Guard, but I use it all the time. 'Cause  when I use worm guard.. I ain't playing.




Can I PayPal you 


Sorry, but sources tell me PayPal is not gonna be around much longer.

So, I only accept my own cryptocurrency, Shencoin.


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Why? You use the lapels for other stuff. Why ignore 50% of the lapel?

That part of the lapel is used all the time. 

Its simply the way it is being used that is so ridiculous. 

100% of the lapel is used in bjj. 

OK Mr. No Fun