Dream 1 LW Grand Prix

so given that these atre 13 of the 16 fighters in the Grand Prix.. who fills the last 3 slots?

Lightweight Grand Prix (16-man tournament):

-Shinya Aoki

-Gesias "JZ" Calvancante

-Tatsuya Kawajiri

-Mitsuhiro Ishida

-Gilbert Melendez

-Joachim Hansen

-Andre "Dida" Amade

-Koutetsu Boku

-Artur Oumakhanov

-Caol Uno

-Luiz "Buscape" Firmino

-Jung Bu-Kyung

-Kazuyuki Miyata

Who's potentially available that would be good?

inquiry minds want to know.

Who knows? Going to be awesome one way or another.

just curious if there's any surprises left to be signed or will they be young talent fed to the more experienced fighters..

what do most UG'ers think

That Gomi guy could always sneak in the 2nd round.

Gomi is already fighting for WVR in March. It won't be him.

Maybe Kid will go to 155 and fight?

"That Gomi guy could always sneak in the 2nd round."

That on the other hand is possible.

I'd love to see Elite send Yves or Nick Diaz.

 Kid is moving the opposite direction in weight.  Where's LW GP stalwart Azeredo fighting these days?


They arent playing around with this card. The winner of this is gonna shoot up the rankings.


Can't wait to see this and the MWGP

Is this just gonna be PPV or is it gonna be like EXC and shown for free on The FightNetwork or Showtime?

Josh Thompson, Yves would be nice additions.

LOL at the UFC having the best LW's....

I'd love to see Mach Sakurai in that lineup.

The Dream 2008 LWGP schedule as announced:

March 15 HEIWA DREAM 1 – Lightweight Grand Prix Opening Round Saitama Super Arena

May 11 HEIWA DREAM 3 – Lightweight Grand Prix Second Round Saitama Super Arena

July 21 HEIWA DREAM 5 – Lightweight Grand Prix Finals Osakajo Hall

"LOL at the UFC having the best LW's....
someone posted on here a UFC vs Dream LW matchup, it'd be closer than you think, especially with Gomi out of the picture and BJ in the picture...

where is Mach and Riberio?

as for Josh Thompson, he's with WVR too and fighting on the 5th.

I hope this is available on PPV or some other means in the US.

I believe Azeredo just beat Milton Viera in Brasil last week.

And go Jung Bu-Kyung! He is like my favorite fighter after almost submitting Aoki at Yarrenoka.

Like I said, someone else posted a UFC vs Dreams LW match ups, here's what I came up with.
These would be some great fights all around IMO.
any better matchups or fighters I may have missed that should be included?

BJ Penn vs Shinya Aoki

Sean Sherk vs JZ Calvancante

Roger Huerta vs Gilbert Melendez

Kenny Floria vs Tatsuya Kawajiri

Joe Stevenson vs Mistsuhiro Ishida

Joe Lauzon vs Artur Oumakhanov

Hermes Franca vs Koutetsu Boku (rematch from 2005)

Frankie Edgar vs Andre ?Dida? Amade

Spencer Fisher vs Joachim Hansen

Clay Guida vs Caol Uno

Marcus Aurelio vs Buscape Firmino

Mac Danzig vs Koutetsu Boku

Unfortunately no Takanori Gomi #1 LW in the world as he?s signed with the World Victory Road promotion and is fighting on March 5th for that promotion.

Sakurai says he's getting too old to be fighting in tournaments, but he'll take single fights. He still wants Gomi and I think having to fight him injured and having it turn out like it did left a bad taste in his mouth.

I was really hoping to see Mach back in the UFC but if he gets a fight with Gomi.. Giddy up!