DREAM 16 follow after thoughts

Hey guys first off thnx for those who supported me in this fight it was last sec against a top fighter but that's the job ;-) I will be back in dream again and hopefully in my weight class lol and withbproper prep time I felt good just got subbed ;-( elbow should be ok just very sore right now go watch the fight it's awesome production value I love it here I think I was able to drop the UG sign as well ;-) let me know what u guys think of the shirt and hit me up cause I'll be selling them Thnx ain to DREAM and motoko for getting me there and mr. Koto head man for giving me another opprotunity in japan

Hope your arm turns out ok. Tough break, but I'm sure it won't be near as bad as what you'll do to the next guy.

No shame in losing to someone like Omigawa. You set the bar pretty high last time with the flying Maeda KO and I'm sure you'll be back in DREAM or another big show soon.

TTT for Cole

 Which shirt in the photo gallery is tonights shirt Cole?

TTT Phone Post

^^^LOL@that, looks like a weird and dangerous TMA board breaking demo

that was an awesome sub by Omigawa..production wise, no one does it better than DREAM

 Tough break but no shame in losing that fight.  Look forward to seeing fight in Japan again.

The Dream event was awesome.

Cole is still ok in my book. He beat himself with a triangle choke according to his fight record on this website.. How many guys are flexible enough to do that other than a motivated BJ?

Looking forward to seeing you fight again. Any way I can get in touch with the Dreams matchmakers or promotors?

No shame in losing to Omigawa on short notice like that. You fight for the finish and the fans appreciate it. Best of luck on your recovery and can't wait to see you back. Phone Post

Not to mention that was a fast smooth knee you threw at the beginning.

According to this you triangled yourself in your last fight in April. How tf did you manage that, and why wasn't it declared a draw?