Dream and Sengoku events

Hello. Below are the links for these 2 organizations. The sites are in Japanese, which I can't read. I'm trying to see if I can find a dvd of the Sengoku event on 3/5/08 where Barnett subed Yoshida. I would also like a dvd of the first Dream event.

Looks like both sites are advertising their next events too. Dream has one on 4//29 (Dream 2), and another (Dream 3) which doesn't show an exact date. Sengoku is having an event on 5/18 (I think). Can anybody tell what cable systems or networks will carry them in the US, if any.


Thanks in advance



 The rumor was Dream might sign a deal to have their shows on  HDnet...hopefully that happens. Watching a stream at 3am can be pretty bogus.

I'd rather watch a stream than nothing at all. How can I watch a stream? Is it the TBS site (Tokyo Broadcast Systems)? Thanks.


Contact Suki, she has a great blog and might be able to hook you up. HDNet even flew her out to do translations for Yarennoka on NYE.



 Suki is my dream girl.

I love WVR. I can't wait to go back there!