Dream fights I posted about last year coming true?


From: RonFoster77

Posted: 7/23/10 3:04 PM

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jkennedy - Hey Ron,

If you were tasked with putting on the 'best' card possible with everyone currently fighting who would be on it? I ask because I'm always curious what a Match Maker would say. Let's say 6 fight limit of the best of the best.

Follow up - What did you base your choices on? Entertainment or competitiveness of the matches.

One other question, MMA is slowly moving towards a very 'record' driven sytle of promoting in North America. Fighters seem more concerned with having a .75 record than having fought and lost tough fights. What do you think of this? Should a .500 fighter who fights tough fights be ranked with a fighter who has had handpicked opponents and a perfect record?

As far as the match ups i would say, this is not in any order

26W 4L Anderson Silva vs 10w 1L Jon Jones

25w 2L Hector Lombard vs 29w 9L Nate Marquardt

22w 7L Nick Diaz vs 20w 2L GSP

24w 9L Paul Daley vs 16W 6L Thiago Alves

17w 1L Marlon Sandro vs 15W 6L Bj Penn

17w 1L jose Aldo vs 18w 3LKid Yamamoto

Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones, I think Jones would be the toughest fight of Anderson career so far. Jones is a great wrestler but has really shown great striking. Jones has the longest reach of any fighter in the UFC and i think he would be able to use his reach to stay out of the clinch. If things were to get in close quarters i see jones being able to take Silva down and doing damage with great ground and pound.

Silva is by far the best striker in the UFC, He is so fast on his feet and does a great job using angles to avoid damage. Although his has been taken down by Nate, Dan, and Lutter, who are all great grapplers he really did a great job not being hit to much. I would pick Silva to win but this would be a great fight!

Hector Lombard vs Nate Marquardt. I would love to see this fight because both guys have a very similar style very agressive striker but good ground game. Nate has fought tougher comp but Hector is a monster 18w 0L 1D over his last 19 fights 14 of the fight not going the distance. I would pick Hector to win a very close fight.

Nick Diaz vs GSP. This would be a fight Gsp would be in big trouble in standing or on the ground. Nick Has great BJJ outside of a much smaller BJ Penn, Diaz would be the best BJJ fighter that GSP has ever faced. Nick's boxing is great and he would use this long jab to keep gsp on the outside. GSP would get the fight to the ground in the later rounds after being out stuck really badly but could be subbed in the fight. I pick Daiz to win this fight.

Paul Daley vs Thiago Alves, Both great thai boxer who love to bang this fight would not go out of the rd. Alves has the better kicks but daley has the better hands. IMO this would be a fight where Alves would try to get the fight to the ground after the first few exchanges, Avles seems to have problems with good boxers ( lytle did well boxing, Spenser fisher caught him alot! Derrick Noble also gave him trouble on the feet. Short slug fest with two of the best strikers in the game, I say Daley wins Tko rd 1

Marlon Sandro vs Bj Penn, Another very tough fight to call IMO Penn has good striking bout against sandro he would need to go for the take down. Sandro is a much more dynamic striker use kicks, and knees also, Both are BJJ Black Belts but i'm sure Penn is higher level. Great exchanges on the feet but penn's ground game would be the difference. I don see Penn subbing him but i have Penn by Dec.

jose Aldo vs Kid Yamamoto, Aldo showed crazy thai boxing in his fight against faber, Aldo was thought to be just a great BJJ fighter when he came to WEC but he has shown his striking is just as good if not better than his ground. So technical with his striking looking just as good as Spider silva. We have yet to see what happens when he is put on his back in a fight. Could Kid put him there? Yamamoto is a K-1 level striker who is also a world class wrestler. I think this would be a great fight back and forth on the feet but I see Aldo wearing Kid down and finsihng him in the 3rd. 

only one fight is happening... But i guess you needed to toot your own horn this morning...so congrats

NJstileNJ - only one fight is happening... But i guess you needed to toot your own horn this morning...so congrats

 LOL i guess if thats what you want to call it, I was hoping to see atleast 2 or 3 of those fights by years end.