dream instructional

what would be your dream instructional who?? and on what part of or all of there game???

Mine would probably be an update of leo viera's set,all of his game or a liborio book/dvd set

Rickson Gracie, Ricardo Liborio, John Dahner

Basics about Control and Escape and Basic Submissions especially No-Gi

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Björn Friedrich


BJ Penn - hands down. Especially a dvd on his top game, showing the
details of how he controls and dominates from the top.

zero 1 loving your work on the brabo,anything in the pipeline new???

Mario Sperry Vale Tudo 4! Are there any plans for this?

An 'old school' BJJ instructional from one of the older Gracies, who holds nothing back, showing how to take the absolute fundamentals and build a black belt-level game around them. None of the 'catered to my game' method like we see a lot of today.


You should enjoy this then.

BJ Penn Warriors Retreat Seminar:

Part 1 - http://www.gofish.com/mma/training.gfp?videoGfid=30-1139997

Part 2 - http://www.gofish.com/mma/training.gfp?videoGfid=30-1139995

Part 3 - http://www.gofish.com/mma/training.gfp?videoGfid=30-1140001

i agree BJ Penn. also his striking defense while in the guard. the guy just never gets hit....


Nothing yet. I will take my time but will definatly make mores DVDs.

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Roger Gracie!

It would be no-gi, and wouldn't necessarily be a big name, but someone who could take all the basic moves, and go back over them with little details on what everyone tends to do wrong, and how to make them better.

THANK YOU PATSO for posting the link to those vids.

BJ Penn instructional is the 1 I've been waiting for

Pats0...dude- Christmas in March!! Thanks for posting those links! YES!!!

Here are the 101 tutorials from BJ's website: http://www.bjpenn.com/video/video/search?q=101

Also, here are a bunch of nogi techniques (these I think are taught kind of sloppily and without a lot of detail though):




  1. Pedro Valente & GM Helio Gracie: Defense

  2. Ryron & Rener Gracie: Attack Sequences

  3. Royce: NHB Guard

  4. Rickson: Anything

  5. Relson: Anything

  6. Steven Alphabet: Anything Judo

I'm with Bjorn: A Rickson-Liborio-Danaher instructional would be the shiznit. And some Relson for vale tudo guard :)


A beginner set that is broken out via curriculum rather than by position.

ryron gracie: how to maintain the mount and how to finish from the mount. his defensive posture and tactics from side mount.

rener gracie: footlocks

rickson: how to maintain pressure on your opponent. how to escape the RNC without your hands. fundamentals.