DREAM MW GP: Kang vs Mousasi

Dream announced that Denis Kang would be fighting Gegard Mousasi in the opening round of their middleweight GP on April 29th.

Should be an awesome fight!

Also announced

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Andrews Nakahara

Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Masakatsu Funaki

Kang by first round submission.

.......still waiting for Denis to get a high profile opponent.

If Mousasi isn't high profile enough for you, wait until the later rounds of
the GP. Denis will turn some heads, mark my words.

Denis vs Lindland would be dope. Is Lindland in the GP still? anyone?


Lindland was supposed to announce a signing a couple weeks ago. I think it is Golden Boy Affliction.

That name still isn't growing on me. sounds like some twisted sexual predator syndrome. "He suffered from a golden boy affliction his whole life".

Golden Boy Affliction is the latest clothing co

I think you mean latest promotion.

I'll take Kang by decision.

Mousasi is a tough dude and highly underrated.

That is a shitty draw for Denis.  Mousasi is super tough and has looked fantastic in his HCF fights.  He went through Cyborg like butter.  It will be a tough fight.

".......still waiting for Denis to get a high profile opponent."

You don't consider Akiyama a high profile opponent?

Ya I guess NINJA is not a high profile guy either ;)

or MayheM or Misaki??

Go Denis, this is your tourney

TFN gonna show this?

very tough first fight for denis WAR KANG

kang by armbar.