DREAM NOT pulled off Primetime in Japan!

 For all the haters, keep hating but, DREAM is doing just fine in Japan...



This is just like some dude tripping on a crack in the sidewalk and playing it off like he totally meant to do it the whole time.

"Man, we didn't even WANT to be on prime time, fuck all you haters!"

reading is for suckers

 Not sure but do you know if he still manages Royce?



yeah right

"we were always planning on getting dropped from prime time by TBS so we could take advantage of the non existent Japanese PPV market" LOL

of course, after the monster ratings Dream 2 and 3 get, TBS will move Dream back to prime time... because thats what FEG wants and plans... and of course, this what they were planning all the way along

Genghis Con -
If you look at the TV schedule for TBS they have 4 live DREAM events scheduled, Both GP final cards and the year end Dynamite show.

you have a link where we can see this?