Dream Open Weight GP

If Dream ever wants to get to the level that Pride was at they need an Open Weight GP somewhat like the 2000 OWGP. Right now is the perfect time for it with the majority of HW fighters being free agents or in orgs open to co-promotion. It would be tough to pull of but if they could it would be amazing.

Fedor vs Tito
Barnett vs Rothwell
Sylvia vs Schilt
Arlovski vs Hunt
Cro Cop vs Overeem
Aleks vs Randleman
Sergei vs Rizzo
Monson vs Arona

The crazy thing is that right now all of these guys are Free Agents, with Dreams, or soon to be Free Agents. This may seem impossible to happen but Dreams has the money to pull it off. It would be amazing with only 1/4 pof these fighters

I think a lot of them will be Affliction bound, but we'll see if Affliction gets their shit together. I could also see HDNet being a player. Its going to be very interesting to see where Arlovski and Tito end up. I just want to see some of these other guys like Arona, Hunt and Sergei get somee fights.

The Affliction hype has already gone down since a month ago, because the deal with Golden Boy isnt happening apparently.

But I would like to see MMA get on HBO, I think it would be a good step.

But if in 6 months Arlosvki and Tito are both on CBS, then the UFC could be in real trouble. But thats a big IF.