Dream playoffs for tv?

Do you think the NFL and tv executives are excited for these playoffs? They have a team from the following markets: Boston, NYC (both teams), Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas. Plus Peyton Manning is the face of the NFL, which will surely bring us a whole new batch of commercials. If they could only move the Seattle game to LA everything would be perfect.

Shouldn't this all lead to record ratings? I tend to think not since there are so many dog teams in the playoffs this year.

I'd settle for a Manning Bowl

But I agree, very good year for the "Big Teams" and Big faces.

TV can't lose with either the Bears or Saints representing the NFC.

Chicago is obviously a huge market and on top of it, they have a large fan base in the Midwest in general.

However, everyone would be rooting for NO if they made it after everything that has happened there.

They can't go wrong with most AFC teams representing besides Baltimore.

In a perfect world, I think they want NO vs Manning (I mean Indy).

I think it's be Chicago vs SD though.