Dreamcast + VGA box

Was just playing my Dreamcast on my 19" monitor with my VGA box, something i hadn't done in a while but decided to try again since i've just bought over 16 dreamcast games.


If you own a dreamcast..and assmuming that if you're reading this then you own a computer monitor, get a vga box and play some of those games.

Im telling you it gives you a whole new appreciation for the little gray sega machine.

SlapUsilly is 100% correct. Playing Soul Calibur on a VGA is like playing a whole different game.

Check Gamestops or Electronic Boutiques and they may have old ones laying around. If not, there's always e-bay.

better crisper graphics?

Yep, resolution is pretty high which makes for real crisp graphics.

You see details in games like Capcom vs Snk (backgrounds), crazy taxi, sonic, ... etc. that you'd never know were there.

the problem is that the resolution isn't that high. Stuff close up is fine but I played Shenmue and some of the tin sided warehouse buildings in the distance are just a pain to look at because when the camera moves just a little the lines on the buildings flicker. On a Tv it isn't noticable since the picture is blurred. Other than that though it is cool and if nothing else you now have another screen to play games.