Dreams (poem)

I am new here. Thought I would post this poem I recently wrote.


Do you dream at night,
Do you dream throughout the day,
Do you live within your dreams,
Is there any other way?

Have you ever run in fear,
Being very close to death,
Then awaken quite suddenly,
Believing you've exhaled your last breath?

Or did you kill a friend,
An enemy at least,
In your sincerest dreams,
Are you a blood thirsty beast?

Do you dream out your carnal desires,
The ones your to afraid to share,
Are you a nymphomaniac,
And noone seem's to care?

If you live'd your life,
As in your dreams you do,
Would your cryptic pleasures,
Bring out the real you?

And those dreams of regret,
Do they really haunt,
Or is it self forgiveness,
That your concience has sought?

Ask yourself these questions,
Can you at all relate,
Do your deepest dreams,
Bring out your deepest hate?


Everyone has their write to their opinion. Everyone has their right to like or dislike anything. However this poem is not anti-semitic. You may feel it is on the negative side. Though many people have dreams they are not proud of, even though we can not change those dreams. Many people question their dreams and themselves because of their dreams.

Like I said, you are welcome to dislike the poem. Please do not mistake it for what it is not though. It is not anti-semitic.

I liked it. I don't know why you hate Mason so much

I don't hate Mason.

I just wanted to point out its not anti-semitic. here is why:

The definition of anti-semitic is:
the strong dislike or cruel and unfair treatment of Jewish people.

Thank you for letting me know you liked it :)

nah its a cool poem to each his own