Drew Fickett back with MFC

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                                Drew Fickett back with MFC

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In one of the most astonishing turn of events in the history of the Maximum Fighting Championship, MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich announced that the organization has signed world-ranked lightweight Drew "Night Rider" Fickett to a multi-fight contract.

Fickett will make his organizational debut at MFC 28: Supremacy on Friday, Feb. 25 televised live on HDNet Fights (10 p.m. ET/8 p.m. MT/7 p.m. PT.  Fickett's opponent will be revealed in the very near future.

Pavelich and Fickett were involved in a heated feud back in 2008 when the fighter had initially agreed to compete in the Maximum Fighting Championship. When Fickett ultimately did not fight, a  controversy erupted that created a huge stir in the mixed martial arts world.

"My biggest thing is that everyone deserves a second chance and everyone deserves forgiveness," stated Fickett. "Mark and I had a quarrel but everything has been forgiven and I appreciate that he is giving me a shot."

"I've got a lot of love for a lot of people," reflected Fickett, who turned 31 on Christmas Eve. "I'm really grateful for the people who are around me. I've got my daughter. I've got people who care about me. I've got a good girlfriend who supports me.

"I'm surrounded by good people and I'm away from the BS and the partying. It's made me want to fight."

"No one can beat me now," touted Fickett, who holds 29 career wins via submission. "Mentally I burned out and I didn't really want to fight. Now I have a renewed passion for the sport and I have a re-invigorated spirit.

"I'm going to choke people out and people are going to get hurt. I'm coming to the MFC and I'm going to win the belt. It's going to be awesome.

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One of my favorite fighters. Sounds like he's ready.

Already posted.....by MFC....Yesterday.

Awesome!!! News.

Fickett cleaned up in Shine.

rosario02 - He's not big promotion quality?

If I were a big promotion, I wouldn't touch him either. Not until he proves his sobriety is something more than a short-term blip. He's a great fighter, but he has burned too many people/promotions in the past with his alcohol-fueled escapades to expect a quick rise back up the ladder. He has to prove he is reliable.

New interview w/fickett covering the MFC deal, next fight, problems in the past and his advice for recovery. Great stuff from Fickett as always

Thanks pavelich for not putting ryan ford on that, anyway I love drew, reps Mexico but white and is hammered all the time, just like me, well I rep socal so same thing Phone Post

I think Drew is trying not to be hammered all the time now Carl, lol. Great fight if Drew is back to good form. McKee better lay on Fickett hard if he wants to avoid the Kos KO + Choke

MFC Champion = 1 and done on UFC undercard.

Go tent show.