Drew Fickett- Most underrated ever?

Looking at his fight history, blows me away all the talent he's beaten

Edwin Dewees
Dennis Hallman
Carlo Prater
Brandon Melendez

I don't remember him getting much hype even back before the booze took over

In fight history, U can't just look at the name he beat. U have to know at what point in the fighters career he was beat at.

For sure at one point Fickett was so good. Sucks about what has happened recently. Dude is crazy talented.

Underrated? No. Underachiever? Hell yes.

Christ, I just checked his recent record. He needs to call it a day.

MolsonMuscles - Underrated? No. Underachiever? Hell yes.


 2-8 in the last 10 outings......I didn't know that.

Wow, they should really get this guy in the UFC. Sounds like he has beaten some awesome fighters. I bet this guy Fickett would be a force in the UFC and really has his shit together!

I've trained with Drew in the past and can speak for his talent. it is a shame what has happened over the last few years.  in the worst case - drew's downfall should be a lesson to anyone who thinks that they can do it on talent alone.

Drew was only weeks away from the big Jake Shields showdown that got scrapped, no?

Then the downfall happened.