Drew Fickett on 73 or not?

On mmaweekly and a few other sites he is listed as fighting Lytle but on UFC.com it has Lytle v TBD (TBA's cousin perhaps). Anybody know what the deal is?

That was the best fight on the undercard. Hopefully it's just a mistake on the UFC page and not Drew getting injured or something.

i was just gonna make a thread about this...what's the deal?  Is Fickett in or not?


Drew blew his knee out and will not be fighting in Chris Lytle on UFC 72

We wish Chris the best ...  

He is a very tough kid and Drew was expecting a great fight!

Good luck Chris!

That sucks. Bad matchup for him anyway though. I mean who has ever looked good fighting Lytle?

Matt Hughes

"All of Lytle's fights are awful."

Incorrect. Lawler vs Lytle was one of my favorite fights of all time.

"Why, you like watching Robbie "hulk" up?"

don't know what you mean by hulk up, I thought it was an awesome fight with lots of great stand up exchanges.

very entertaining fight.

not awful by any means