Drew Fickett will be BACK!!!

Believe people

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shit i need to renew my blue name.

If someone could be so kind


worky or no?

no worky

Drew Fickett will be BACK!!!

From the bar.

Drew Fickett will be BACK!!!

during Happy Hour!!

night riderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr THE RETURN OF VIKING D



Q-vo paisa saca el pas

He needs to be on the next Celebrity Rehab. It worked for Ricco.


I'd love to see it happen, but I'll only believe it when it's Fickett that makes the thread.

His time is ticking, that's for sure.

Drew recently choked out Derrick Noble, who is a very solid fighter, snapping a hefty losing streak. When Fickett is focused, he is an elite level fighter. I believe he is fighting in a one-night tourny in Sept. If he wins convincingly, I think a bigger show will pick him up. Whores on 3!!!