Drew Fickett won tonight

I know there are a lot of Drew Fickett fans on the board so I just though I would let you guys know he won his fight up here in Canada tonight. He choked his opponent out (Rear Naked???).

Thanx for the news.. although I am not suprised.. he
belongs in a big show


Congrats Drew, stick with it, I am sure your "turn" isn't far off....

his opponent had a fully sunk kimura on him for about 2 minutes and he refused to tap. escaped the hold, came out in the 2nd round and spun right into an RNC... it was the fight of the night for sure.

Drew is one flexible mother fucker, a lot of things that would normally tap most guys, don't even phase him. Plus you have to kill him before he will stop coming after you.

congrats Drew!

RKing85 - how did his teammate Jamie Varner do ? Thx.

j he won also..

why are you up this late? see you tomorrow, i may be alittle late.

damn ray you go to bed too.