Drew is not the next best thing...

don't get me wrong........Drew is great, but all this talk about him being amazing and a scare in the middleweight division, what about Martin Kampmann who already beat Drew, is 3-0 in UFC and 15-2 overall, and his only 2 loses are to decision and a cut.....he is who people should be talking about coming back and earning a #1 contender spot fight, most likely winning and then getting a title shot

Agreed. Until Drew can shore up his ground game. But he is still rather
exciting to watch.

definetly exciting to watch, he has great standup as he has showed in all 3 UFC fights, even against martin he was winning standup, but when it hit ground it was over

drew's against Sakara....or Martin's against Wallace?......either way i'm gonna disagree, but its cool.....anyway which one were you implying?

The Sakara fight looked strange on the KO, but then why would Sakara
throw all those bombs right on Drew's jaw?

Him with Terry Martin will be very cool.

It can be UFN main event.

Nobody has ever been hit as cleanly and as often as Drew was by sakara during a work.

Kampmann is good, but isn't he out until Nov-Dec. because of his injury?

^^^yep....I was actually looking forward to Kampmann/Franklin before he got hurt


The Sakara-McFriedies fight wasn't a work. Drew hit him with a huge uppercut and that rocked Sakara and Sakara was worried he was going to get knocked out so he pulled guard and was hopefully recover by staying on the ground. Unfortunately he got nailed with some massive body shots and nailed on the head and that was it.

yeah so was I, but okami and franklin should be good, but one of them will probably get a fight with Martin when he gets back

Why would they work a fight for Sakara to lose, when they had been blowing him non-stop since his arrival in the UFC?

Martin is too good on the ground for Drew, and my guess is he can get a takedown on him.

He will spend the fight on his back, unless he can get a quick KO.

Drew and Thiago are evolving into wrecking machines.. and this is coming from an expert opinion.

^lol^ these ko striker vs average wrestler matchups may be good for ko's and ratings but they do get tired.

Olympic team or not, I had seen both these guys fight several times and
was really surprised that this match up was made. I didn't see what Radev
could possibly have for him in MMA. It was a gift to Drew from Joe Silva.

Anytime a guy gets a big KO he is "the next big thing" according to the
internet experts.

Hey Drew can punch with anyone in the ufc. Why the Wrestler decided to try and bang with him is what we should be talking about. That was stupid.