Drexler to the Nuggets?

"Drexler, 42, said Thursday he might consider returning to the NBA and lists the Nuggets as a possibility. The 10-time all-star who retired in 1998 was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame last weekend. "If someone with a chance to win a championship would call, I'd consider it," Drexler said. "The Nuggets are certainly one of those teams. If you look at their young talent, they are phenomenal on paper." Denver Post

Who would you rather have coming off the bench:

Clyde Drexler or Greg Buckner?

If Clyde does come back he's probably gonna need a new nickname.

I like Clyde too much to see him try to come back after 6 years and play (in the West, of all places).

Please, don't do it.

Oh man. :( How old is he now?


he should stay retired

jesus christ!!! 42 is too old for him to even think about this.

"Can he still dunk?"

Probably only 11 foot now.

I am a Nuggets fan and can say that I really hope he doesn't come back. Great player, hall of famer for sure, but I would not like him to come to the Nuggets unless he knew he would play ver, very limited minutes and would be more of a player coach type guy. It would be good for Melo to have him around though.


LOL @ Jacob Lamb