What is the big deal with drifting anyways?

I've been watching some videos of drifting and I don't see what the big fascination is. Is it because its from Japan so naturally all the ricers want to make it cool to be a drifter or some shit?

I know that it's for show and an exhibition of car control or some shit. But seriously why the big fuzz over it?

I don't "get it".

It's just somethin to do with a car. It's bad driving anywhere outside of a rally course, but whatever.

LOL at the drifters sliding sideways at 30mph while boiling off expensive tires.

There's a video of a ruf yellowbird called lap2.wmv or avi where the driver's sliding very sideways on every corner of the nurburgring at super high speeds.

That's real man drifting.

It looks like fun but I just don't understand the big hoopla surrounding it.

You guys from the States obviously haven't watched the D1 League in Japan.

I've watched japanese drifting videos and I still don't understand the fascination for drifting.

great, woo, make smoke. That's what burnout comps are for. Race the damn car.

That's just it, drifting is not about racing. It's a judged sport. It's not about making smoke. And you are not going to get any points whatsoever for a 30mph drift, no matter how perfect your lines are.

Its the "Synchronized Swimming" of motorsports.


Have you guys seen the vid of that supra doing that crazy powerslide? it's unbelievable.

The controlled group drifting is the most amazing...

3 or 4 nearly identical cars sliding sideways through a corner about 1 foot away from each other...

It has it's good points. It is a newer form of vehicle sport expression. You don't really have to worry about getting beat by a guy who is dumping 10 grand more than you are. It is more of a focus on the driver.

Will it survive???? maybe.

Is there an industry that is looking for competant drifters? Yes... Hollywood.

Rhys Millen showed me a stack of checks that he hasn't cashed yet because of tax reasons. Must be nice.

I think its stupid and a far cry from real motorsport.

That is why I said "vehicle sport expression".

" i mean, ANYONE can drift"

Like I said before, doing a 30 mph is going to get you zero points in D1.

An example of what I am talking about are three D1 professional group drifters powersliding through a hairpin turn doing more than 100 mph, 1 foot away from each other. That'd about get you maximum group points.

And who the hell does drifting with front wheel drive hondas? You yanks are crazy. Most D1 drifters are 200sx's, chasers, rx-7s, some rwd skylines and a couple of supras.


Download lap2.wmv

Actually.......most drifters are 180sx or some other S13, earlier skylines, Nissan bluebird TRXs, AE86 (rwd corollas in the us), Mazda 626GT turbos, all manner of Z cars, toyota soarers and supras....etc.


I think that was the Initial-D tofu drifter yeah?