Drills for grappling/mma

Hey guys

I was just wondering what sport specific drills you guys do for grappling or mma. I'm mostly just interested in what other people are doing and how well it's working for them. I read fit to fight and that had some good ones.

I also have done some of the latter drills frank shamrock has shown and the cone drills. Anyway, looking forward to your answers.

Yeah, I would like to hear some too. I am always looking for way to spice up my borning training.

come on guys lets hear some of your ideas.

I did a drill with three obstacles to jump over, a heavy bag and a grappling dummy on either side of the obstacles, I would hit the bag as hard and fast I could, jump the first obstacle, go right down in to a sprawl, jump the next two in the same way, mount the dummy and pound the shit out of it for a few seconds go back and forth, it was terrible.

cool keep them comming

These are for solo training sessions.
1. In a good posture (standing) do tempo sprawls, it can be to music, sprawl on a certain beat or have a friend clap.

  1. Take a basic escape, drill it for a few reps to get the body warmed up, then add another escape and chain them together. I find by working on 3 escapes together has increased my bottom game greatly.

  2. Use a heavy bag on the floor, take a cross side positon on the bag. Simply work on driving your weight into the bag, think "smear" your opponent.

  3. Heavy bag drill, I use mine for footwork, place your forehead on the bag, keep a good straight posture and simply move the bag around. Try to keep the pressure on the bag and move your feet.

  4. Place a rope at chest height and level change under the rope for reps, this will drill good body posture for shooting.

  5. This is one I have used alot, when I do get a chance to have willing partners for rolling, I work on slo-mo grappling. Simply each round or match is about 50% speed and go for different time limits. Going slow I find works on better postion skills.

  6. Heavy bag drill, you need two, one hanging and one on ground. for 30 seconds, punch hard and fast, with no rest, grab the floor bag and pick up and slam, do body locks etc for 1 minute. Continue for timed rounds.

  7. On the ground, I hold a medicine ball for resistance and perform bridges and shrimping movements to sprawls from the knees. This is a good drill for home if you can't make it to class.

  8. For general endurance, from my thai boxing days, place your hands on a wall, at shoulder height. Then perform skip knee's, left knee right knee and so on and so on. I use these for a good warm up.

  9. Need a partner for this one, another staple for me, A partner holds pads for you, simply jab cross and hook, as feeder fires a punch, you clinch, then break and repeat.

Hope this helps and is clear enough to understand.

Take a look at Steve Maxwell's site, he has 2 DVDs on grappling conditioning and grappling drills with a partner that are pretty good.

mongrel 911

Love the drills and am going to use a lot of them. Thanks!!

mongrel, those are good drills. Thanks for posting them.