Drink training.

My friend and I are having an argument about this. For a person that doesn't drink alcohol very often, if you have an upcoming big night out, and you know there will be lots of drinking and a massive hangover, do you think it's a good idea to train your body a few weeks before hand by having two or three small sessions on the drink? Thus training your body to get used to the alcohol, being less drunk on the big night out and having less of a hangover the day after.

Does anybody do this?? Or am I just that bad at drinking that I have to make up these bullshit techniques to try to help myself???! Phone Post 3.0

Are you as old as your post count? Phone Post 3.0

Don't trane and just drink slow Phone Post 3.0

I kinda get what you're saying. I rarely drink. Very rarely.

If I have a big event coming up where I'm expected to drink (family wedding/night out/etc), then if I haven't drank recently I get all daft, forget where I am and get hammered - often making a dick of myself or saying something stupid.

The easiest way for me to avoid going overboard is to get that feeling of being drunk out my system the week before so I don't think 'this getting drunk is good, I won't be doing this again for ages/haven't been drunk in ages - let's see how good this can be'.

Not sure id call it training though as I'm not trying to increase my tolerance but get the excitedness of being drunk and losing (limited) control out of my system. Seems to work for me. Phone Post 3.0