Drinkin with the Dirty one

I ran into Dirt on Corydon here in Winnipeg. I reluctantly agreed to hang out and have a coupla drinks with him and another Pegcity BJJ dude named Chris.

Anyways, now I'm stasgerring hammered and despite the fact that we had a cursory discussion about asskissisers, I felt the need to pay some sort of homage to the Dirty one.

It was hilarious! He treated me like the low-low end b-level fightewr that I am by choking and hittin me in the forehead on a few occasions. However, his A-level fight purses were reflected in his neverending generosity in rounds of drinks. I did buy a few rounds so as not to seem like a total mooch (Chris was the smart one though-not having opened his wallet once throughout the night).

I think perhaps, though, that his generosity and periodic outbursts of violence wre commited in an attempt to impress the exotic looking bartender and/or waitress. I don't think it worked cuz we all left alone.

So yeah, it was a good fuckin time! Reasonably wholesome (ie. no dead hookers etc).

Thanx fer the good times Joe!

Oh and no one ever bother going to Liquid Lounge on a Sunday. No chix under 170 lbs.

There was the one girl in the tight jeans. Remember the one who looked hot from 100 feet away? She could have cut to 165.

^^^^ that was fever Joe