Drive format DATA recovery

OK, I pulled a bonehead move and was trying to install XP on a two drive system. The master was the new drive and had an older version of XP on it and I was installed a newer version. Well, for some idiotic reason, I wasn't paying attention and the copy installed on the slave drive thereby deleting GIGS of shit that I've saved for upwards of 8 -11 years.

So, what I'm asking is what's the best program (and cheapest potetially free) to recover this drive. I DLed a program - Stellar Phoenix - which saw all of the deleted files so I'm confident that I can get them back, but this program wants me to activate before I can. I just want to save the money. Thanks for help.


First of all, if you haven't already stopped, stop using the drive. Don't do anything with it until you're ready to try and recover. YOu don't want to accidently over write any more data.

This topic has been covered a few other times, I'll try to find those threads

OKay, check out these threads, hopefully one of them has the information for you:

I believe the first one has the most information but the other ones also cover the topic

Thank you very much. The drive has been uplugged since I discovered that data could be recovered, so it's still there and ready to be attacked.