Drive This Car?


Cars from the 50's that are chopped and slammed are fantastic looking vehicles.

For 40k this baby can be yours. I dont understand why more people dont drive classics and antiques. You can drive them around for years and not lose any value on the vehicle whatsoever. Spend less than 10k on your daily commuter, and buy one of these for your car to look good in.

Thidleg. My classic custom DOMINATES mavericks flight instructors ride

I wouldn't drive that car but I'd figure out a way to park it in my living room so I stare at it all day.

it looks prety good but I'd take about 3 or 4 inches out of the front end and about the same from the rear

The porsche is worth three times as much.

only if she's real. 9-10 of those things are kits around here.

That sleds way more cool and different.

That porsche you'd have to drive around in a polo shirt with a sweater tied around your neck :-)

I personally like the 70's era muscle cars. I have this idea that if I ever decided to buy a car I'll get a 72 chevelle, put an LS6 in it, big brakes and modern suspension. Roll around vegas in style with cold AC and decent gas mileage.