Driveclub club?

Hey anyone playing driveclub?

I wasn't gonna get it because of the shitshow that the ps plus version created but bought it last week.

The game is absolutely gorgeous and im just wondering if anyone else here is playing.

I need an online club to join.

Id be down for an og club if we got the numbers Phone Post 3.0

Sucks that you can only have six people in a club. I've been in one since launch, otherwise I would've gladly joined you.

Some random kid incited me. Clubs name is The Dust. Sounded alright. It has the corniest road rulest logo ever tho with a steer skull. Can I change it without having to ask this kid lol?

But thanks man anyway. Add me on psn anyway we'll race. I fuckin love this game. Psn- JAmato730 Phone Post 3.0

i was planning to play the free copy then upgrade to the full game if it was any good. after all the failures they have had i lost all interest in the game

I feel u. I was the same exact way. Butttt the game is actually really really good. I heard the plus version might actually drop in April.

But if u see it cheap u should check it out. It is excellent and I normally don't play racing games for too long. Phone Post 3.0