Driving with just the parking lights on?

Those of you that drive your car and only turn on the parking lights, what is your reasoning for doing it?

It compliments the UGK I'm playing.

I do it to save wear and tear on my headlight bulbs. Phone Post 3.0

because i am conserving electricity.  it is fucks like you that are warming the earth always using lights when they are not required.

Jambo888 -

so many people do that here... because they are fucking retarded and don't know the difference. so when they see some minor headlight they assume their lights are on. vancouver has the worst drivers on earth.

Asians and Hindu types....the worst possible combo for driving safety.

I live in Bellingham and thank God your dollar crashed before another generic Asian from Canada in a silver Mercedes SUV ran up on the sidewalk or crashed into the Costco gas pumps. Phone Post 3.0