Dropcam alternative?

I've got a couple of dropcams, and I've been really happy with the camera and the service - maybe a little overpriced, but easy to setup and easy to use.  I was going to go buy another camera, but Nest bought Dropcam and just replaced the Dropcam camera with the Nest cam.  And the reviews on Nest Cam are poop.  

Do any of you have a DIY home monitoring camera (and cloud recording) setup other than dropcam that you use, like, and would recommend?  

I use a couple of Canary's. They are easy to set up and the app they have is simple to use. I know they offer cloud storage, a little for free and more at a price. I've had no issues with it and am extremely happy. Phone Post 3.0

In for info. Was also going to look at a drop cam. Travel to families a lot, be nice to be able to check on house remotely. Phone Post 3.0

. Phone Post 3.0

OK, specifically I got curious when looking around Amazon. Here's what they claim is currently the #1 dome surveillance camera:


And this one has over 6K reviews:

But I'm just not clear on what the setup would be for these. Are there any cloud video recording services that let you use any hardware?

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In. I need this to monitor my in-laws when I'm not home Phone Post 3.0

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just ordered a Foscam...
but I have no experience with dropcam or anything like this at all.

will report back