Dropped 39" led Visio now no sound

Was putting my 39" Visio led on the ground it slipped a few inches and the corner hit the floor. Plugged in and picture comes on as pretty as usual but no sound. Even tried external surround sound speakers and nothing. Tried every component in back of my TV with same result. Took back cover off and check for anything obvious, made sure no ribbon cables were loose but same issue. I'm fairly knowledgeable in electronics and wiring and such. Hate to buy a new one if I can fix myself. Any suggestions? Phone Post 3.0

Fuck, no clue. You could pay a repair man, but it's probably just as cheap to buy a new one. TV's have gotten incredibly cheaper.

What cable connection are you using to the tv's input? Are you using an hdmi? Phone Post 3.0

The price of TV's now is so cheap not worth fixing it Phone Post 3.0

I'll start the bidding at $100. Phone Post 3.0

Sell it to a deaf person! Phone Post 3.0

I Am using hdmi and tried it in all 3 outputs with same issue. Even tried speakers straight to the red/white audio outputs with same issue and even my computer speakers that use a usb with same sound issue. I know I can buy a new one for under $500 but maybe I can fix it for a few bucks if it's just a resistor, capacitor, fuse........ Phone Post 3.0

I would guess you have a crack on the PCB, if you can find a trace with a crack through it, you might be able to scrape and bridge the crack with solder or a small piece of copper wire Phone Post 3.0

It sounds like the drop jarred the connection to the speakers, but it's confusing that it won't work with external speakers. Good luck! Phone Post 3.0

Lab Rat - Sell it to a deaf person! Phone Post 3.0
Witty ,I laughed Phone Post 3.0

Put it in a bag of rice.

Did it fall on the remote and hit 'mute'? Phone Post 3.0

Something similar happened to a buddy of mine. The thing he did to fix it was actually drop it the same way again. This will knock the connection back into place. Phone Post 3.0

good reason for buying a receiver for the surround speakers

i assumed the speaker was in the corner and broke. but you said you tried it with surround speakers and it still got no sounds. so then it became to complex for my dumbass. throw some rice in that bitch and hope for the best

"it slipped"

do you even tv lift bro?

Tried the rice suggestion now my tv has no sound other than the rice rattling inside of it. Phone Post 3.0

Sounds like a good excuse to get a nice surround sound system :) Phone Post 3.0

siebe41 - Sounds like a good excuse to get a nice surround sound system :) Phone Post 3.0
Well I missed the part where he tried that. Oops.

I'd just hook the sound system up to a central device and run sound off it. Phone Post 3.0

I only use this tv for my xb1 and when I bring it outside to watch football under my gazebo so I'm not investing must $ other than buying a new one. Thanks for the suggestions Phone Post 3.0