Dropping as much fat as I can in 2 weeks

Firstly, I am sorry if this is a simple, generic Q that has probably been asked on here before.

It's simple - I am trying to lose as much weight as possible. I am not in terrible condition but I haven't been doing much exercise other than a lot of walking recently. I am trying to drop as much fat as possible in the next two weeks.

I started getting back into shape a week or so ago. I cut out all junk food/dairy/wheat etc, reduced my carb intake and started doing some running. The running was mostly some sprints or a run for 2-3 mins. I used to have awesome cardio, now it sucks. I am trying to get it back.

Since I started, I think the food restriction was too much and over the last few days I have started to feel pretty much/tired and my face looks drawn. Not good, and not what I was aiming for.

Just generally speaking, does anyone have any suggestions? I can eat freely at work so I am thinking about taking in a big bowl of brown rice and chicken breast and making sure I eat have a bowl of it every hour... power-eating, as they call it.

Any thoughts?


 Why the 2 week mark?  Do you have a date, interview, vacation, or something along those lines?  If so, then you might consider something along Lyle McDonald's recommendations in his "Rapid Fat Loss Handbook".  I won't give it all away (and it sounds like you might not want to do this anyway), but it's basically a starvation type diet eating virtually nothing but lean protein.  Toss in a little fish oil, plenty of green veggies (and they usually have very little carb/calorie content), and a multi-vitamin.

Tons of people have great results on that (though, do know that a good chunk of it will be water weight).

Wiggy - mma workouts

Thanks guys.

I want to lose weight in the next 2 weeks because I am visiting a friend and the last time I saw them I said I was going to lose some weight. It's not that I am fat... I just kept meaning to get into great shape once and for all.

At the time we last saw each other, we promised each other that we would start to be more proactive and I have been a hell of a lot but not always regarding my body. I used to be addicted to healthy living and I am trying to get back up there again but it's kinda frightening when a few years ago I could do hellish runs and finish them feeling great when now I can only run 2-3 mins before I risk over-doing it.

I think I was burning it at both ends by reducing calories, eating "slower" calories and working out. It needs more time than that.

It's crazy but I missed a meal yesterday and I could still feel it today.

Work tomorrow... I am loading up with a big breakfast of almonds, honey and fruit before I go out. Once at work, I am going to constantly much brown rice and turkey breast and bits of fruit.

I think the extra food today helped but I am still feeling a little flat.

One of the problems I have is that I am not big on carbs. Wheat bloats me horribly... rice (especially brown) I find to be very heavy on my stomach. Maybe I should just try to eat more fruit.

To be honest, I think I am going to step exercising in the mean time until my body has adjusted to the changes in energy substrate. I am going to cut out cards and have fruit in their place. Going paleo I think, slowly though.

Thanks dude!

I am about 5' 8" and around 165lbs. Actually, I am probably under 160 now.

I don't drink, eat sugar or simple carbs (save for occasional white basmati rice).

The bit about increasing greens... I think that's a damn good idea. I usually eat a lot of multi-ingredient salads but they have been missing lately. I will try and take a salad to work with me and eat a salad for my evening meal.

To be honest, starch is a big thing for me. I find that if I eat starchy foods, I tend towards feeling bloated and tired. I think I need to just accept that it is going to take a while for my metabolism to adjust so that is what I will do.

I am going to the supermarket tonight and I will stock up on grapes, citrus, apples etc. I will try and stay off starches and stick to fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, lean protein etc... pretty much paleo.

The problem is not that I can't lose weight - I am losing weight everyday (although visibly less when I eat starches). The problem is that I feel like hell... I get so tired that I feel depressed. I am not in a state of depression, it's just that my mental/emotional energy goes so low I just feel crappy. I can only begin to imagine the hell serious weight cutters must put themselves through.

I guess from this I will learn one major lesson - things take time in life. Just stick at it and don't quit. Everything you do today is an investment for tomorrow.

I'm definitely keeping track of what I am eating but I think the patterns will mostly be the same except I am going to try and live without starches from now on.

I have realised that I am probably not eating enough nutrients. I'm going start adding loads more veg into my diet, like big salads and brocolli steamed until it is just tender and no more.

Thanks again man.

Thanks again for your input dude.

Portion/self control is not a problem at all for me. I am not lazy or anything and I enjoy disciplining myself. My only problem here is that I just feel like shit all the time. My skin is also starting to shows signs of it. I have always suffered from dry skin but the change in my diet has caused my skin to dry to the point of cracking on my hands. I'm not falling to pieces here, it's just worsened an existing condition.

I understand that the foods you mentioned are carbs but yeah, I was meaning "tradional carbs"... stuff like rice, wheat, potato etc. All pretty poor "foods" considering they don't contain much nutrients.

The thing that gets me is that I want to go for a run every night to waken up but I just can't at this stage. I need to be able to eat like this and not lose strength. Once I can do that, I'll be OK to re-introduce exercise.

I'll get some Quinoa tonight.

I am just impatient I guess.

Well, I just bought a tonne of fruit.

Tonight will be homemade chili/guacamole with a small amount of white basmati rice. One it has digested, I will have a plate of steamed broccoli and maybe a spinach salad if I have time/room.

Tomorrow my carbs will be all fruit - I am going to make a huge fruit salad and I will eat a little of it every hour. I also constantly drink black tea and also take vitamin C, arginine, vitamin D, iodine and creatine.

I also got a side of smoked salmon, so that will be my protein. Pretty healthy.

Keep us updated...I'm curious to see how much you can actually lose in visible fat in such a short time period...without major losses to strength/muscle mass.

I'd love to keep you updated but I am not sure exactly how to report it back to you. I am losing fucking shitloads of fat right now. I mean, I can visibly see it in the mirror every morning and my jeans etc are falling off me. The good thing is that over the last 2 days, unlike the weeks prior to it, I am not also weakening myself in the process... I guess I got that balance figured out today.

I also almost never weigh myself, time runs or anything like that.

I think that I will stick to the high-nutrient, regular meal program for the next 2 weeks (and beyond probably) and, if I feel that my energy has adjusted, I will start running again on Saturday. Probably just a light jog and then some anaerobics on Sunday, like sprints or weights.

Every morning when I get up now my first 2 pisses of the day are dark, dank and stinky as fuck. I am the king of the metabolite.

And yes, I am hydrating all the time. I just have PowerPiss right now.

Pretty physically stressful today. Again, I've visibly lost weight but - fucking hell - I am paying for it. The skin on my face looks slightly swollen and I feel agitated. Quite possibly from toxins being mobilised out of the body fat.

I am eating a good portion of fruit salad every hour along with some chicken and vitamin C. Plently fluids too. It took 4 pisses this morning before my urine stopped looking like maple syrup. I am going to have a huge spinach salad tonight.

Still enjoying the quest though.

I am leaving to visit my friend next Friday for 9 days so I think I will start to eat carbs again on Wednesday night to start to get some energy/strength back if I am still feeling shitty. God knows I will have lost a shitload of weight by then and I don't want to feel like shit for the duration of the visit. when I get back home, straight back on the diet until I have lost all excess fat and then I will work on a serious program of running and lifting to keep it for life.

I am not making weight for a fight... I am just trying to drop some fat. I want to do this for discipline if nothing else.

This is very stressful on my body because my metabolism is not used to this at all. Less calories, slower calories etc. But it needs to be done.

Yeah, I should be drinking more water. I am already drinking a lot but I need to double it, which I will do tomorrow.

I am loosing sleep as my body is uncomfortable right now as it's going through a change. I usualy sleep like a baby as well... 7.25 hours, regular as clockwork.

Lots of roast chicken and salad tonight me thinks.

you dont need roasted chicken... it can be grilled.

foreman grill for sure

I had roast chicken with a small about of chips ("french fries" to you Americans) done in the oven with the tiniest amount of olive oil on them. I needed some energy... I was starving when I got home. I had a huge spinach/raw veg salad with it.

Anyway, I've dropped more weight and I am feeling a lot better now. My body is coping with it. Probably through general adjustment and the fact that I am eating more regularly and hydrating more. The salad helps too I think.

Today's food will be all almonds, honey, sunflower seeds, walnuts, loads of fruit, liver, steamed brocolli and more raw salad.

Well, it's all good news now.

My energy levels are SO MUCH BETTER today it's amazing.

My digestion is coping better with the changes in food, my skin is healthier and I am sleeping better. My mental focus and concentration has greatly increased, as has my sense of well being.

And I am still dropping loads of weight...

My goal is 100% achieved already - my aim was to start having some discipline in my diet, which I am doing completely now.

In the last 4-5 weeks I have had I think 1 piece of junk food - a pizza with coke (the drinking type). No dairy, wheat, sugar etc.

My major indulgence was last night when I had some starch and probably ate more salad than I should have... I stuffed it into me.

The change from yesterday to today is incredible. I felt like hell yesterday, today I feel great. I think my body just adjusted to the ketosis.

My piss is still constantly coloured but I am constantly drinking water (as per your advice) and black tea. I went out and bought a 500ml bottle last night to take into work with me and I am constantly refilling it.

Lessons learned - bigger breakfast, constantly graze, starch makes me tired, plenty lean protein, lots of salad, lots of fluid, eat before you get hungry/tired and not after as there will be a huge lag.

Thanks again.

BTW, so I don't sound dismissive of your question, I don't actually weigh myself and haven't done so in years. I can, however, tell you that all my clothes are starting to feel too big for me. I need to buy new jeans.

Funny thing is that I don't look overweight at all but I just want to be in prime health/condition. Some of the guys at work today said I looked thinner and I told them I had been dieting for weeks and they said "Why the fuck are YOU dieting? You don't exactly look like you need it!". But the truth is I needed to drop 20-25 pounds. I needed a much lower body fat percentage, less or no junk in my diet, smaller portions, self-control and more nutrients.

Hopefully I should be good to start exercising on Saturday. I'll start with a light jog and build up. That's the next stage - get my cardio back. Once that is up and I can warm my body up over a few miles, I will then start the next stage - getting very flexible. I want to do progressive stretching 4-5 times per week.