"drug activity" question

I'm filling out the ton of paper work for the Coast Guard Reserve... I'm being honest everywhere and saying I tried smoking marijuana (spelling?) once, but I'm getting nervous because the question keeps coming up. I'm not going to be disqualified because of smoking once in college am I????

Unless you were arrested for drug offenses or there is some kind of official record of your drug use there's no reason for you to be honest about it.

If you were never arrested for it and it is not in your system, put no.

If you were, be honest and you will be fine.

I wouldn't lie about too much on there. I'm not sure about the other brances, but Fraudulent Enlistment isn't common in the AF, but if they're court martialing you for something else, they'll often tag that along with it. Something to consider...


If it was not on paper, how can they find out?

Even for a T.S., you place all the contact names on the application.

Let's hear some more of this E-5 superior knowledge that you possess.

Elder, as long as you do not piss hot during the inprocessing or have a significant drug possession or distribution charge in your past, it will not make a difference anyway.

trained is correct about this.

All my family and friends have been interviewed and the only interviewed people I listed, or my parents gave as references.

I am correct about everything.



You are really stupid. In the coast guard reserve, why would you need anything higher than a TS? I know very few MOS's who need higher than a TS in the Army. You can be a field grade officer with a TS and only need a secret to be a CSM. I am not too familar with the coast guard reserve but I think he will be OK.


Like I said before, for protection of sensitive pogue bitches like yourself, I erased a few post because of the crying you all were doing about it. I was never wrong or never did I post an incorrect statement.

Go back to your desk job chick.

TS/SCI is whats processing for me right now

I hope it gets in soon


A qoute that I heard, and I will apply it to you from now on.

"Never argue with stupid people, they will only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

don't worry about it. just keep your storry straight.

unless you are looking for a TS, nobody is going to ask around.

good to see my thread has led to people bitching at eachother.

thanks for the replies, i was just going though all the forms for enlisting and i saw it come a lot so i got worried for a minute there.

you can let this thread die now