Drug Lawsuit Ads on TV

There are a lot of ads on tv for different drugs that were FDA approved and very popular for periods of time that turned out, despite FDA vetting and approval, to have severe side effects resulting in illnesses and deaths. It kind of makes it seem like its a good idea to only take drugs, FDA approved or not, if you feel sure that you’ve learned as much as possible about each option and determined that the alternatives have a significant chance of being much worse. Anyone agree or disagree? This has nothing to do with covid vaccines or mandates, btw.

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Those are just lawyers looking for an angle


If I’m putting a substance in my body, it behooves me to know what it is and what it does. Doctor prescribed, FDA approved, makes no difference.

Same goes with food labels. You see some shit on there you don’t recognize, look it up. We have the entirety of humanity’s knowledge at our fingertips. There is no excuse for not knowing opiates can lead to addiction. There is no excuse for not knowing the meth in your energy drink is bad for your heart.


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Imagine this thread thread 3 years ago.

I replied to 1 of those ads that popped up online when i was surfing the web.
It was a class action suit, thinking nothing will come of it.
About a year later, received a check for almost 3grand.
It was over medication pricing

Lawyers are shady from street level ambulance chasers and class action solicitors all the way up to elite levels of law and politics. That doesnt mean the drug companies they are suing didnt produce drugs that harmed people, and the fact that drug companies produce drugs that harm people doesnt mean they are deliberately or knowingly harming people. The fact is, drugs formerly thought to be safe and that have passed all FDA approvals sometimes are found later to be harmful and even deadly to more than a few people. Science and research usually improves over time. Thats why its smart to be cautious if you can afford to be.