Drug tests? Senators, Congressman,

Are high level gov't officials randomly drug tested? I'm talking Senators and the like. Supreme Court Judges? Logic dictates that they shouldn't even be able to consume alcohol, but we know that won't happen.

Not at all.

Just to be argumentative....(this is the LegalGround, after all)...why does "logic dictate" that a government official can't drink?

I was curious abou that as well Steve. I mean drinking is, afterall, legal.

Interesting side point. Right after the California primary Tuesday, a guy that was just re-elected to his City Council spot here in Fresno got busted for a DUI. He had won the election with like 60% of the vote, and the guy in second got maybe 20%. The guy who came in second says he's going to start a recall petition to have tht other guy removed from office now.