Drugs Inc. (tv show)

Does anyone watch this stuff
Is it for real? I mean they show drug deals going down and the dealer is on cam in a mask...then in the next scene they got the DEA and cops trying to catch them.
Wouldn't the cops just use the footage on there to close the case?? and wouldn't the dealers enemies gain free intel on them to jack?
im bored

I'm pretty sure it's real that's why u see people wearing masks a lot. It doesn't look real to u? The drugs are real that's obvious Phone Post 3.0

Seems more real than fucking moonshiners on Discovery.

It's not quite Moonshiners lol

moonshiner with camera in truck drives by waiting cruiser with camera in car

Cop: 'imma just RANDOMLY check out this truck that just drove by...' Phone Post 3.0