Drummers: Cymbal Advice

Can you recommend a good brand or line of cymbals than sound great but won't cost me an arm and a leg. Sabian, Paiste, and Zildjian all make great cymbals but they are way too overpriced.

I know there is a Brazilian cymbal manufacturer called ORION that makes beautiful sounding cymbals but I dont know where to buy them. (They even have sound samples at orioncymbals.com)

Saluda Cymbals makes a Whisper series and they say they are made from the same alloy that the Zildjian K's are made out of but I've never heard them before.

Shit, I dont care as long as they sound good and I'm not paying for the name brand.

BTW,I'm looking for 2 crashes, a ride, hats, and maybe a china. Basically the whole setup.

Are all of you slaves to Zildjian, Paiste, and Sabian?

Found that orion website as well a while ago. They seem like cool cymbals and it would be cool to score some that sound good just to make the zildjan purists do a doubletake but I haven't found an outlet for them.

I don't know if "talent" will make Paiste 302's or Sabian SOLAR's sound good in a small venue type situation.

Of course the guy sitting at the bar may not notice the difference, but how can you be sticking your ride cymbal knowing that it's wash sounds like crap.

IMO, the lower cymbal lines of the Big Name Companies are o.k. for practice only. If your a beginner, that's not a problem. If you just hit the drums at home every once in a while with your buddy that plays some guitar, that's not a problem. When you join a band and start playing small gigs, that's when you need to start thinking of replacing those Zildjian ZBTs.

And when most drummers do decide to replace there entry level cymbals with something better, the only brands most music stores carry are Zildjian, Sabian, and Paiste. These cymbals are all great sounding , but like I said, they are way overpriced because they are the popular brands. There are other cymbal companies that have a way better price to sound ratio than these guys.

Go with Sabian because they are a Canadian co.

If that don't convince you,then they sound better to my ears than Zildjian,as of late,and are cheaper than Paiste.

I do like Sabian's B8 Pro line.

Problem is that they last about a year and then they crack and then you gotta buy another. I've probably got through about five B8 Pro 16" crashes.

I've also owned Sabian's 14" AA Rock Hats, 18" HH Chinese, and the 21" AA Dry Ride. I liked them all but I bought them about 12 years ago and the prices were much more palatable then.

I'm playing on Sabian 15" hi-hats,both bottoms although the top is slightly thinner.

18" medium HH crash and an 18" med.HH thin crash.

70's 22" A. Zildjian Deep Ride(made in Canadian factory which eventually turned into Sabian).This model was turfed in the 80's to make way for the reintroduced K line.Zildjian came back to their senses and reintroduced the Deep Ride a few years back.

10" K. Zildjian HH splash.

My next purchase will most likely be a Zildjian 22" Swish Knocker w/ rivets.The lads will hate me,of course...

I also have a K.Zildjian Custom 20" ride w/ 5 rivets from the early 90"s,but since I found the Deep Ride it doesn't get used.

I would play Paiste Signature if I could afford them,but I'm happy with Sabian because I find them a warmer cymbal than Zild K's.

Personally, I wouldn't go with anything but Zildjian, Paiste and/or Sabian. They are more expensive than off-brand cymbals, but they are worth the money. They will definitely last longer than other brands I've played with.

Keep in mind that you may replace drum sets from time-to-time, but you should get cymbals that you can take with you forever.

Majic Sam, I've always wanted to try out a cymbal with rivets, but to tell you the truth I've always been a little scared. LOL! I bet a 22" Swish w/ rivets sounds like a monster.

Scott, What other brands have you used? Where those cast bronze or sheet bronze cymbals that you used? I want to know which off brands to avoid.

BTW, has anyone here ever used WUHAN cymbals. They are insanely cheap. I saw a hand hammered 12" china for 10 bucks on musiciansfriend.

My quest for inexpensive good sounding cast bronze cymbals continues.

There is really no middle ground in the cymbal market.Either they are of quality,or student level.Sorry.


I've used Wuhan, and a few other brands I'd rather not mention, because I know the people who own the companies. I will say that the others share that same cheap feel like Wuhans.

Well, I guess I'm giving up. My new set is gonna get here next week, so I need to order some damn cymbals today.

The best deal I could find was a set of new Sabian B8 Pro's that includes:

14" Hi Hats
18" Medium Crash
16" Medium Crash
20" Medium Ride

All for 200 Bucks. Yeah, I know they are sheet bronze and wont last but a few years. At least I can live with their sound until I can uprgrade one cymbal at a time.

I would like to test drive some AA Meinl cymbals. Specifically, a Generation-X Series crash with the little mini cymbal ("Drumbal") on it. Last time I checked, they didn't sell them indvidually, and there's no way I'm replacing all my cymbals with a Rabb pack. I have too much invested in them, and they sound too damn good.