Drunk Charlie Sheen At Taco Bell Drive Thru

So much winning

Nice Phone Post 3.0

Lol epic Phone Post 3.0

Little did me know Charlie fucked his girl in those few seconds.

Tiger blood Phone Post 3.0


i wonder what his daily drug/alcohol use looks like atm??

charlies looking pretty rough

he sounds sorta like steve-o

In Phone Post 3.0


The guy in the car could have made it more epic, if he had a personality. Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, I think "Gary" even invited them & he was like "nah, were good". No, motherfucker YOU ARE NOT GOOD.

In all fairness he could have been shell shocked who knows. Video is short maybe he redeemed himself. Can you fucking imagine how many people would be pregnant had he ran into an oger. Phone Post 3.0