Drunk Girlfriend Sparring

My girlfriend recently joined the Muay Thai gym I train at and now she thinks she is Remy Bonjasky and wants to spar with me. (especially after a couple of drinks)

The issue is someone always gets hurt ie. Groin shots for me, blocked low kicks for her etc.

I'm not in the habit of giving girls (or guys for that matter) beatdowns but she seems determined to want to spar.

Just wondering if this is an issue for anyone else...

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That's wierd...everytime I am around your girlfriend all she wants to do is have sex. Sparring has never come up.

punch her in the jonx.

My gf (a kickboxer) and i spar all the time. She puts her dukes up and
it's go time. Problem is, she's a better boxer than me by quite a bit, but
neither of us get hurt.



Let her know that you only spar at the GYM! no exceptions...then you have the gear on and it is controlled, NO DRINKING etc.!

Broke his leg ..

i sparred with my girlfriend once, i knocked her the fuck out. She learned an important lesson, if you're gonna jump in the shark tank, you best know how to swim.

check out the topless bitches fighting.


May I suggest the little known Double wrist lock choke.
I think this will quickly become your favorite move.
If she still wants more after that you've got yourself a keeper.

sparring with your girl is BAD news! it's a no-win situation. one time, this girl i was dating kept trying to wrestle with me.she was pretty drunk and reckless. i held her away from me, knowing that sparring was not gonna lead to anything good. we accidentally banged heads (actually my head, her cheek) and she got a shiner. when her friends and family asked about her black eye, she pulled the old " i walked into the door" line. of course everyone thought i hit her and wanted me dead. eventually she told the truth, but i still looked like a jerk

Strange comment of the thread, brought you by Shannon the Cannon.


Funk Samurai


I encouraged my girlfriend to get into BJJ because I went on about how great it was etc, and we came to the conclusion together that it might be better for her to train elsewhere. Simply because of all the things you mentioned. We got some mats for home and even when we roll by ourselves, she says I hurt her, her hair gets caught, she falls funny when I sweep her etc... I've spoken to others (grated they do BJJ, but I think this applies to all couples doing a contact MA) and they laugh and tell me they experience the same. She's afraid to train in front of me too 'cause she thinks I'm judging her. It's a pain in the ass all round.

i roll with my gal all the time.it usually leads to some hot action.BTW, take it easy on her, go soft.shit its not like your fighting for a contract.when she starts to kick dont check her!just read her hips a little better and when she posts her leg to kick give her a stiff jab to the chest.(no dont pull a randleman and daze her)just hit the chest.you should count your blessings,a lot of my X bitches hated this stuff.

my problem was that my girlfriend was just nuts! she'd get liquored up and be like " i can take you! " and then just go beserk. i suppose if your girlfriend was serious about training, it could be cool and mutually motivating. i myself do not like the thought of some other dude "trying to pass her guard" in the gym,though. that could create problems

I would win by head kick EARLY in round 1.

What's the difference between sparring your girl or anyone else? Make sure you're wearing the proper protective gear and go easy. I've sparred girlfriends before. I'm skilled enough to avoid hurting them and to keep myself from getting hurt. If you're not that skilled, you shouldn't be sparring.


Kick her in her bone!!!