Drunk stupid woman objects to rap music

Another "make her viral!" video. Description from FB:

So last Saturday I was at a bar in Jefferson Park playing music on the jukebox. Everything is going fine until someone starts making loud remarks about the music I was playing. She said multiple times, “this is ghetto music”. " this doesn’t belong in Jefferson Park." “This is black music”. " this is hood music" She went on and on. I let it slip a couple times but enough is enough and I told her what’s the problem. We can all play whatever kind of music we want.

She actually told me to go back where I come from. She said I don’t live in Jefferson Park. She kept telling me that she is a City of Chicago worker and that it doesn’t matter what she says.

Once I started recording her, she changed her tone right away. I wish I had started recording earlier.

I’ve come to this bar numerous times and have never had anyone have an issue with my music. I still couldn’t believe what happened.


Good lord lol.

If it's on the juke box, it's on the juke box. Pipe down bitch.

Should of taken her home and fucked her to some rap music

Can’t say I’m a big fan of this music but its your quarter. Listen to what you want. Too bad you had to deal with this bitch.

Another white cunt making trouble.  

I love this music.

Horus2001 -

Another white cunt making trouble.  

Calm down Hotep.

She’s not wrong- What is supposedly modern"black music" is mostly terrible.

His friend was right, he was giving her too much attention 

My name is Kung Foo and I'm here to say,

If your money's in the jukebox you can let it play!