Drunken Fighter

Looking forward to the next episode of TUF tonight. From the
previews it looks like there's going to be even more drinking and
debaucharey on tonights show than last week. I'm just surprised that
they stocked a full bar of alcohol in a house full of professional fighters
who are supposed to be training and competing. Now any beer
drinking armchair quarterback will think they can step into the
octagon. No doubt the producers were hoping some fighters would
get wasted and add some drama "reality" to the show. Anyway, hope
tonights a good one!

definatley a few alchoholics in that house

pure stupid!= Leben

SIX FIGURE CONTRACT let's get drunk then go train in the morning. This show is making fighters look like a punch of hell raising drunks, how is that good for the sport?

I never watched any Tough Enough episodes. But was there at least half the alcohol in Tough Enough as there is in TUF?

I love beer.

" Drunk or not..Leben out works the other fighters. He was the only one to finish the treadmill."

Not according to the guys who were there. They said at least 6 guys finished the treadmill. Dana never actually said that Leben was the ONLY one, he just worded things carefully so people would get the wrong impression.

He was NOT the only one to finish the damn treadmill, several fighters finished. they only showed leben finish cause theyre setting him up to win the show.

 He's not the hardest working fighter on that show either... not by a longshot!