Drysdale: Weidman 'a better version' of Sonnen

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                                Drysdale: Weidman 'a better version' of Sonnen

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                    <p>&nbsp;Although young in his career of mixed martial arts, Robert Drysdale is one of the most accomplished BJJ practitioners in the UFC. A recent addition to the UFC's middleweight division, Drysdale gave his insight into the July bout between champion Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman:</p>

"I think that Weidman, to an extent, is is a better version of Chael Sonnen. I think he'll be smarter. I think he'll put more time into his jiu jitsu. I think he's a better wrestler, better striker. I think overall, he's a better version of Chael Sonnen. The one thing I think Chael Sonnen has on him is that he's very fast. I don't think Weidman can match his speed. Chael was closing that gap so fast you can tell that Silva wasn't used to it. That's why he was getting taken down all the time. On paper, Weidman might be a better wrestler than Chael, but I don't think he'll be as fast as Chael."

"It's an interesting fight," Drysdale continued. "I think if Weidman can get on top of Anderson, I think Anderson could be in trouble. I think if you really pressed me, I'd still put my money on Anderson, but I'd really like Weidman to win this fight. I met [Weidman] once, he's a super nice guy. I'm in his corner for this fight. I'd really like him to win. But again, Anderson Silva's no joke."

"You notice it as guys gets older that it gets harder and harder to change, but Anderson's one of those guys that he's still learning. You can tell that he's always getting better. I think that wrestling wise, I'm sure he's improved a ton. You never know what's going to happen. But Weidman's no joke, that's a tough fight for him and he knows it."

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That's how I describe him. Phone Post

he isn't any version of Sonnen, they are nothing alike.only similarity is that they both have wrestling backgrounds.

Good to know.

He may be right. We will find out soon enough. Phone Post

It's Drysdale gonna be yapping his trap off too?.... -_- Phone Post

Chael has a wicked personality though. :P

He also said Forrest would submit him... Phone Post 3.0

On what fucking paper is Weidman a better wrestler than Chael? I need some of those papers. Phone Post 3.0

Wouldnt you want someone in your corner that you met more then once? Drysdale is well qualified but still. Phone Post 3.0

Because Sonnen lost to Silva and Jones it's not a compliment?

Don't forget Marquart, Okami, Miller, etc.

Chael is a top tier 185 lber.

Just sayin'.

Can someone explain me this sentence:
I met [Weidman] once, he's a super nice guy. I'm in his corner for this fight.
He met him only once, yet he's gonna corner him? Phone Post

FRAT summary:

Drysdale is in Weidman's corner and he would still put his money on Anderson.

I want whatever Drysdale is smoking Phone Post

big_roy_fan - 
Chaelismyhero - Chael and Chris do not do anything similar.


chris doesn't lose all the time like chael



no version of cchael wins


He's going to corner Weidman for his fight against Anderson but publicly says he thinks Anderson will win...

He meant rooting for him

On paper Chael is the better wrestler. Phone Post


But isn't Drysdale making his UFC debut against recent heavyweight-turned-light heavyweight Ednaldo Oliveira?