Drysdale's "Body Lock" Submission


I was wondering if anyone here has had any success with the Body Lock spinelock that Robert Drysdale taught on his Nth Dimension instructional. I have the hardest time setting it up, and when I do manage to get it set up, I almost always lose it.

I love this move! The funniest thing is no one suspects that it's coming.

I use this when the guy is turtled up in front of me. Where are you setting it up from?


I watched to see if there is a judo application since the turtle is the #1 defensive position. We are not allowed to stretch the spine but the leg position is similar to Sankaku leg strangle. And we can roll the opponent over (with the leg position he shows last) onto their back for the pin. Interesting. I would try to set this up from the side though.

I've tried it against an unresistant partner, and still couldn't get it. Granted, I've just watched the brief clip online, I didn't see his full instruction from the set.

One of my favorites.I use this all the time,usually from a front turtle or as a counter to an inside single. I usually get a submission from the waist grab,if not then I'll switch to the leg,even got a toe hold a couple of times. I've done it so often,that most of them know it's coming,but can't stop it.

"if do right,no can defend"

I will try this in class on an unresisting partner and report back. The set-up I will use is hard to describe since it is a side turtle attack that was taught to me by one of our (past)national players who learned it from the Cubans. (And is much easier to set up with the gi).