DS vs PsP what are your thoughts?

Ill start by saying I just bought a DS and am very happy with it. I will tell you way I chose the DS over the PsP (not out yet in US).

PsP - $150-$350 rumored ($190 in japan so $150 is likely)

Pros: Awesome 3d graphics ! Cd format, plays games rumored to play movies and music cds as well as be able to surf web. Has an anolog stick so games can be ported better from ps2. Great 3rd party support.

Cons: Cd format( I have owned both ps and ps2 and both have developed laser reader problems) so Im guessing the PsP will have the same problems seeing as the system will be prone to bumps and shocks much more than a ps2 sitting on a shelf. Need to buy memory cards to save data. Battery life is VERY suspect(some games will deplete it within 2hrs, max rumored 6hrs).
Only launch games at launch.


DS - $150

Pros: Very good 3d-2d graphics. Cartridge format allows game saves as well as no load times. No problems with scratched cd/dvd or readers.Can wirelessly play games and chat with nearby DS users.
Touch screen allows you to draw,sketch,write messages, as well as new ways to interact with games. Built in Mircophone allows you to control in-game gameplay with voice alone. Rechargeable built in battery ( only had 2 days but lasted 8hrs play time DSgame demo and GBA games out of box had'nt charged at all)Backwards compatable with GBA. Can have a DS game and a GBA game in at the same time. Nintendo only games Mario,Metriod,ZELDA and such. First party (nin) games are on average very, very good games.

Cons: 3d graphics are not on par with PsP. No anolog stick( direct ports of nextgen systems will need to change).Cant play DVDs or CDs. 3rd party support no where near what the PsP will enjoy. Touch screen and microphone will need to be used wisely and not "just because its there" or it wont be of any use. Buit in battery needs 3-4 hours to totaly rechange (can use while RC'ing)

So thats basically what I used to make my choice. DS got my vote but may get a PsP after its been out a while and buggs are worked out( lens reader, battery)

I agree Jockey thats why Im playing GBA games (zelda:min cap rules). Mario64 was the shit but dont think I care to play too much more.

I went with the DS. More battery life, neat options. I Love it

I havent done much research into the PSP or the DS but I wouldn't feel embarassed playing a PSP. Nintendo DS just doesnt have the looks or graphical power that the PSP does.

Waiting for Armbreaker to chime in




I like the DS because it just feels good. Nintendo always needs time to come out with good shit. While PSP will throw out a lot of games and a handful of good games. The major selling point for the PSP is it's movei and Video Playback. But that doesn't mean shit without a good battery life to back it up. It has to atleast last for 6 - 8 hours on. I think I recharged my DS once since I got it for christmas. The funny thing is that the DS major point is gameing potential. The PSP major selling point isn't games but just multimedia features.

LOL @ armbreaker

So far both systems look shitty to me because neither has any games that I'm interested in. Although I'll probably end up with a DS one day, because they have a new Castlevania and Wario Ware on the way, while Sony has absolutely nothing I want in development right now.

The PSP has already had a couple of problems. The shooting disc thing and there is a problem with the square button not being very responsive on a percentage of machines. Something to do with its position on the console next to the screen.

I will probably end up owning which has the best games. I can't see myself spending 150 on a handheld unless it has some great games so it'll be a while before I buy one.