DSE, K-1 & The Yakuza....

Not sure if this has been posted on here before?... But if not then it's a must read, and extremely revealing towards DSE and it's involment with the Japanese Mafia.


Yea, I think this might have been posted before but none the less its mad interesting. This is just the beginning also...

not sure what the "revealing" part is you're refering to?

Who is Zach Arnold?

its racist to say pride has links to organized crime

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UFC, KOTC, ICON, ROTR, and Cage Rage--

That is 5


enlighten us kerry

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i missed the ufc part

"The revealing part is that PRIDE and K-1 are involved with the Yakuza."

very old news.

Clay Spicer HAS to be the freakin' American hatin' midget, Todd Atkins.

Go throttle DSE's wang, Todd ... I have never seen a more worthless, and obviously biased fucker in all my life, you midget bastard.

"There's still numerous ongoing FBI investigations of the whole Fertitta enterprise. The family is implicated in dozens of murders in the last decade alone."

lol Oh yeah, where's the proof behind this statement?

Besides, this thread is about DSE's direct involvement with the Japanese Mafia ... If I wanted a Pride sheeple to post some ZUFFA propaganda on here I would have named it ZUFFA's ties to the Mob, or some shit like that.

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Sakuraba, Minowa, Gomi and Sakurai are actually made Yakuza men. If it wasnt for prosthetic surgery, they would all be fighting with 9 fingers only but since they would be fighting in front of millions of viewers (including a Jap audience), the Yakuza elder council thought it would be best to fork out a few bucks and let them have pinkies again (even if they are not real).

The movie Black Rain is BASED on Minowa's former life. The Corruptor is BASED on Sakuraba's former exploits in NYC. Shaolin Soccer is an actual true life story account of Genki Sudo's former sporting career pre-MMA.

I could actually believe the Shaolin soccer comment

This article was posted "several mths ago"??? Hmm, I think this particular article is fairly new, and I've never seen it posted on here before.

Why the huge defensive towards DSE? Why attack ZUFFA when the article has no relation to them?

I just get sick of the way people defend Pride .. but attack ZUFFA at every turn. I have my problems with both orgs ... but for the most part I sit back and enjoy the MMA they produce without complaining like some hard-to-please teenager that is angry at anything and everything that isn't part of their tiny scheme of things [in this instance Pride being a part of your scheme of things, and ZUFFA not being part of it].

Don't be so obviously biased and people might take your comments a little more seriously in the future.

I was very outspoken regaridng Dana and his paranoia towards The IFL, etc... I don't really care much for Dana, but there are some good people that do work for ZUFFA that are extremely honest and hardworking mofos that deserve the success that is starting to come their way as of late.

The point is, while I may defend ZUFFA on some points/issues ... I am honest about things and have to become a critic when I see something that bothers me [mostly the way Dana handles business]... But you Pride/DSE sheep are so incredibly blind to their shit that you have every excuse known to man for their ignorant crap, yet you jump ZUFFA's shit day in and day out here on The UG ... It's pathetically obvious you're following some dorky agenda set forth by fightsport ... and none of you clowns can seem to break free of the habit at this point.

Business wise, the Yakuza has its finger in practically every pie in japan. no news there. Go to any korakuen show and you'll see loads of Yakuza sitting ringside (Especially some of the kickboxing promotions). It's no big deal.